At Grafix we use only the highest quality materials, adhesives and laminates. Polycarbonate, polyester, aluminum and vinyls are among the many materials we print on. Adhesives may be custom applied to suit your needs.

Screen Printing

Make your first impression a lasting one...

Our screen-printing services can be used a number of ways – whether that's to manufacture ID products or to decorate and put the finishing touches on important industrial components. Not only can you produce these items quickly and at a great value - but it also affords you the added benefit of clear, crisp and exciting images that are durable, flexible and long lasting.

Our shop provides you with:

Grafix prints on a wide range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonates, lexan, mylar, foils and more. Even once the printing process is done, we can offer you a variety of enhancements that can make your product look as sleek, detailed and professional as possible.

Pad Printing

We decorate a wide variety of products such as instrument panels, cases, boxes, control panels, bezels and machined parts. We make sure you put your best foot forward to ensure that the first impression you make on your customers is a lasting one!

Our pad printing process puts markings on a variety of complex surfaces both plastic and metal.

Die Cutting

When ordinary just won't do!

When you're looking for a little something different, die cutting can create pieces that stand apart from the competition. From bold, dynamic shapes to out-of-the-box angles and looks, your piece will look as individual and unique as the message you're communicating!

We have the ability to cut a variety of thin gauged plastics and metals. This die cutting process is a cost efficient steel rule die.

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