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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a method used to transfer ink onto a metal or plastic part, or on fabric or other surfaces. Screen printing, previously known as silk screening, is a printmaking technique that can be used to label a product with anything from a corporate logo to a warning label.

What is Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a wet process in which a three-dimensional plastic, glass, metal, rubber, or wooden part can be decorated. Think of it as industrial screen printing. The image is transferred to the part from ink filled etched images in a printing plate by way of a silicone pad. Pad printing can successfully decorate three-dimensional parts because while transferring the image to the part, the silicone pad wraps around or adapts to the shape of the part without distorting the image, given some image size restrictions. Extremely fine detail and tight multicolor registration are readily achievable.

It is adaptable to a variety of shapes and contours on parts with a variation in the surface, yet fine detail and precise copy can be achieved. Two color processes are obtained with exact registration. Pad printing is ideal for decorating toys, plastic housewares, and injected mold components. This technology also lends itself to marking electronic components such as resistors, canisters, connectors, and other industrial products.

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